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Language Files

Web interface of Meteohb can be adapted to specific languages by means of language files. Following language files have been created by Meteohub users and are made available for public download.







Slovenian (version 4.7k)

Swedish (Update 08/2011 user Taz)

French (version 4.9z) (Update June 2014 by Jean-Marie)

Greece (version 5.0) (March 2015 by George SV2BZQ)

As an suitable UTF-8 editor you might take notepad2.

Joomla Meteohub Display Module

This Module is designed for Joomla 1.5


Meteohub Icons

Icons Meteohub uses for display of forecast and moon phases


Image Transfer Tool

Program "DiskImage" allows to easily transfer images needed for Meteohub operation onto USB stick, CF or SD card. Please make sure, that you always use "DiskImage" in "Physical Disk" mode when selecting your target drive. As "DiskImage overwrite the disk you specify, you should always make a backup from your PC before using it and you should select the target drive with great care. Selecting a wrong target drive can wipe your complete PCs harddisk!


Dashboard Flash Sources

The Flash Dashboard in Meteohub was never meant to be a cool dashboard, but more intended to be a starting point for your own development. Attached is the source file that was used with an Adobe Flash CS3. Feel free to start building your ow dashboard from this.


NSLU2 Upgrade Tool

This allows to flash the NSLU2 firmware without operating on the web interface of the NSLU2. The program operates on Windows XP.

To put a new firmware image onto the NSLU2 follow these steps:

  • Turn the NSLU2 off.
  • Then press the reset button (on the back of the NSLU2) with a paper clip or small screwdriver and keep it pressed.
  • Turn the NSLU2 on (while having the reset button pressed). The "Ready/Status" led will be yellow. When it changes to a reddish amber shade, immediately release the reset button.
  • If it flashes an alternating amber and green, you have succeeded (if not, unplug and try again).
  • Now start this windows program (ugutil). It asks you to select the right network connector on your desktops pc (if you have more than one installed).
  • Select "Browse Target". This should find the NSLU2 over the LAN and display it.
  • Select a file for upgrade by pressing the "File" button and do the upgrade by pressing the "upgrade" button.
  • The upgrade will go through phases "erase", "upgrade", "verify" and will take up to twenty minutes. Please don't interrrupt! This might kill your unit!

Remark: As said in the manual, you do this at your own risk. Firmware upgrades do always come with a risk. So if you don't want to take the risk, don't do it.