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Since Version 4.2f Meteohub allows for update to newer versions by simply doing a few clicks on the "maintenance" page of Meteohub. As an alternative you can download updates from this page. Updates include code for all official Meteohub platforms (NSLU2, x86, SheevaPlug), Meteohub automatically selects from the update what fits to its platform.

Change in License Conditions from Version 4.8 on

As of the 1st of September 2011, Meteohub is a product of "smartbedded UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)". When updating an existing Meteohub version to 4.8 or newer you will have to accept that your new contractual partner for Meteohub is "smartbedded UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" and no longer Boris Pasternak, who is referenced in the former license conditions. "smartbedded UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" is a limited liability company under German law, which assumes all rights and obligations of its predecessor under the former license. In case you do not agree to have smartbedded UG (haftungsbeschränkt) as your contractual partner in regard to Meteohub, you can continue to use your current Meteohub version but will not be able to update to versions 4.8 or newer.

Update Files

Unless otherwise mentioned, newest updates include all changes of previous updates. So there is no need to install these in order of appearance. Most recent update includes all updates since version 3.1. When you are still using a pre 3.1 version, please update to 3.3c first and then to the most recent one.

Recent Development

These features are to come with next update:

  • none

Latest Update

Update 5.1e (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.1e)

  • sets graphing year max data to 2030 instead 2020.
  • sets potential demo period until end 2023

Outdated Updates

Update 5.1d (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.1d)

  • changes license code purchase to mycommerce instead of PayPal.

Update 5.1c (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.1c)

  • sets potential demo period until end 2021

Update 5.1a (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.1a)

  • support for station WS10

Update 5.1 (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.1)

  • adds support for ELV RS-500 "Klimalogger" which supports up to 8 indoor temp/hum sensors

Update 5.0z (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0z)

  • adds a newer version of wget to RPI platform which dramatically improves connecting weather networks via HTTPS

Update 5.0y (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0y)

  • adds support for Lufft Ventus weather station
  • fixes some minor bugs

Update 5.0x (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0x)

  • adds support for station WH-4000, WH-2308, WH-2310

Update 5.0q (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0q)

  • fixes some minor bugs.

Update 5.0p (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0p)

  • fixes a bug in regard to pressure computation when using plugin weather stations.

Update 5.0n (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0n)

  • fixes spikes in sea-level pressure computing when using certain weather stations (like Meteostick with Davis sensors).

Update 5.0m (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0m)

  • sets trial end period to end 2016 or 3 months of use.

Update 5.0l (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0l)

  • reduces amount of raw data delivered by Meteostick by stripping out redundant raw data entries (as done with data from Davis data loggers).
  • fixes a sendmail issue on Sheevaplug platforms

Update 5.0k (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0k)

  • new bandwidth settings (small, normal, wide) to optimize RF reception from Vantage console retransmits when using Meteostick. In order to have this working, it needs update to Meteostick to FW 2.3b2 (or newer). To receive Vantage console retransmits it needs setting "wide".

Update 5.0i (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0i)

  • adds experimental support for Oregon WMR-300 station. Historical data of the logger inside the station is not used. Implementation is based on sniffing the USB data, so there might still be a few bugs in there. Data from wind, rain, indoor and outdoor temp sensors are obviously received fine.

Update 5.0h (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0h)

  • minor bug fixes for RPI2
  • adds support of Rainwise MK3 stations connected to a CC-3000
  • moves away from outdated "esmtp" also on Sheevaplug (and iConnect) platforms. "msmtp" is now used instead. It does need you to press "save" on email section of "push services" page in order to have your credentials transformed to the way "msmtp" is expecting them.

Update 5.0g (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0g)

  • fixes problems with Meteohub on new RPI 2 platform
  • fixes email smtp issues on RPI and x86 platforms. Will need pressing "save and test" on email section of "push services" page on Meteohub to work properly.

Update 5.0d (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0d)

  • adds option to report leaf/soil data to weather underground
  • limits recomputation load when reaching end of month (has been a problem with some RPI systems)

Update 5.0c (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0c)

  • shell shock bash fix for x86, RPI and Plug (ARM) releases
  • adds support for Ambient Weather Observer WS-1000 aka FineOffset HP-100x which don't have USB or serial computer connection. Data from outdoor sensor unit (WH24) of this station can now be read out via Meteostick (needs most recent Meteostick firmware 2.1b1 or newer). Indoor sensors (WH25) are not evaluated, pressure is provided by Meteostick hardware. US and EU models are supported.

Update 5.0b (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0b)

  • embedded PayPal licensing with automated activation
  • Meteostick bug fixes
  • Trial period expanded until end 2015 (also ending after a maximum of 3 months of use)

Update 5.0 (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 5.0)

  • various fixes for RPI platform

Update 4.9y (for NSLU2 only: NSLU2 Update 4.9y)

  • updates demo/trial period to end of June 2014
  • fixes a bug on reading wind gusts from envoy8x
  • adds support for Accurite USB weather stations
  • adds support for Meteostick

Update 4.9v

  • updates demo/trial period to end of December 2013
  • adds support for new generation of USB HID-based TEMPer devices
  • adds support for weather station WDC-7000
  • summarizes to on-the-fly big fixes on 4.9u into a new version number.

Update 4.9u

  • updates demo/trial period to end of October 2013
  • fixes virtual sensor bug on DC01
  • fixes bug with HV inputs on LabJack U3 HV
  • fixes a burg reading data from ws888, ws550 and alike stations
  • adds FTP upload of a days data in WSWIN format. Sensors used for upload are controlled by settings on WSWIN page. Tags to select a days upload are "wswin-today" and "wswin-yesterday"
  • when doing graph upload a "*" in front of target file name indicates that yesterdays timestamp shold be used when referencing date variables in "strftime" format string. Example: Given the date 30-03-2013 a string "%Y%m%d.csv" will result in filename "20130330", while "*%Y%m%d.csv" will result in filename "20130329".
  • Vantage LOOP2 support should fix barometer deviations between Meteohub and Davis console.

Update 4.9t

  • fixes a data logging issue with stations WH-1080, WH-2080, etc from Fine Offset.

Update 4.9s

  • enhances demo period to 31.5.2013
  • fixes dew point inconsitencies by limiting lower bound humidity value to be reported from Hideki stations to 10%.
  • fixes a bug crashing data logger process when having envoy8x connected to an additional temp sensor.

Update 4.9r

  • Bug fixes for envoy8x cyclic polling of multiple stations
  • update on CWOP and APRS data format to match APRS specs
  • some A10 platform-specific bug fixes:
    • new button "shutdown" on maintenance page allows non-corruptive power down. Please wait at least 1 minute before disconnect power when having initiated a shutdown.
    • sets hwclock to current system time on reboot/shutdown
    • fixes issues with demo period and logger not recognizing that system is activated
    • more minor fixes

Update 4.9q

  • Strips non-functional CWOP servers from CWOP server list.
  • Adds a drop down to APRS and CWOP settings on "weather network" page which allows to select from "sea level pressure" or "altimeter pressure".
  • Fixes bug in rain total computation and corrects leaf/soil sensor assignment for envoy8x support.

Update 4.9p

  • a couple of bug fixes in regard to Envoy8x support.
  • adds "evapo" parameter in meteohub http data logger protocoll for sol data when received from a Vantage.

Update 4.9o

  • Fixes a bug on DC01 that prevents from changing HTTP password
  • Fixes a bug that prevents to make sure cron scheduler operates in user defined timezone. You have to press "save" on "settings" page in order to force cron scheduler into defined time zone.
  • Experimental support for Davis Envoy8x. Just live data (every 5 sec) for station types ISS Vue, ISS Pro 2, ISS Pro 2 Plus, Wind, Rain, Temp, Temp/Hum and Leaf/Soil.

Update 4.9n

  • Feeds CWOP with true altimeter pressures
  • adds altimeter pressure as values (actual_thb0_altimeter_hpa, etc)
  • Adds additional support for ANACON devices for Lufft WS600 stations by using "=" delimiter instead of "#" as separator in device specifier to separate the unit number. Example: "/dev/ttyS0=1" instead of "/dev/ttyS0#1" when ANACON is also connected to WS600.

Update 4.9m

  • removal of discontinued weather network "wetterpool"
  • Bugs fixed on WS2300 and energy meter support in RFXtrx.
  • Bug fixed in meteolog.cgi, sensor filters are now effective even when used without date/time stamp.
  • Level of error logging can be controlled by a flag on weather station page for stations RFXCOM and RFXTRX.

Update 4.9l

  • Various updates on RFXtrx receiver support.
  • Demo period set until end of December 2012

Update 4.9k

  • Fixes update HTTP password bug on DC01 platform.
  • Fixes backup function on DC01 platform.
  • Fixes a bug that prevents from reading data from EM1000 energy meter on some platforms.
  • Fixes a bug that prevents from showing graphs with evapotranspiration.
  • Extends demo period until end of October 2012 or 3 month, which ever comes first.
  • Improves reading Vantage datalogger to circumvent infinite loops when internally logged data does not report valid time stamps.
  • Fixed evapotranspiration evaluation for Vantages with solar sensor

Update 4.9j

  • Fixed evapotranspiration evaluation for Vantages with solar sensor

Update 4.9i

  • Improves handling of USB WLAN dongles for DC01.
  • Tests with USB 1.1 devices with DC01 turned out, that a passive USB 2.0 hub is needed in-between to make this operable. This can impact older USB-serial adapters (PL2303 and FTDI seem to work on USB 2.0) and most USB HID connected weather stations. As USB hubs are checp and as we don't need a separately powered one, this can easy be solved by using such a hub in-between.

Update 4.9h

  • Bug fixes for DC01 platform to cure ftp upload problems and other quirks.

Update 4.9g

  • Bug fixes on support of weather network idokep
  • Added Czech Vantage forecast texts.
  • WD-Live receives forecast texts in English, German, Italian and Dutch from inside Meteohub. Selection of forecast language is now done by a separate drop-down box on "WD-Live" page of Meteohub. When language "individual" is choosen the texts from "/data/graphs/individualfc.txt" (resp. "/public/graphs/individualfc.txt" when you access it as a pc-network drive) are used. This allows you to feed WD-Live with Vantage forecast text of any langage. Format of "individualfc.txt" is a flat file, each line holding a forecast message. If file is not there or there is no line for the given forecast number, a dash will be reported as message. Individual forecast text is also reported in variable "actual_thb?_fc_textindividual".
  • Fixes a bug that changes MAC to a default one when deselecting DHCP.
  • Fixes bug with windchill computation on weatherstations that don't provide wind chill data directly.

Update 4.9f

  • Fixes bad APRS/CWOP time stamps (now "ddhhmm" instead of "hhmmss").
  • Fixes a bug that deactivates selection of weather network idokep when going to "weather network" page of Meteohub.
  • Makes pro version of weather network idokep an selectable option on "weather network" page.
  • Free selectable temperature sensor to use for wind chill and sealevel pressure computation. This feature is still experimental and has potential to produce some new bugs. Cyclic up/downgrade between versions 4.9e and 4.9f allow you to go back if you experience trouble with that.
  • Adds variable "actual_thb?_fc_textest" and "actual_thb?_fc_texthr" to display Vantage forecast texts in Estonian and Croatian language.
  • Adds to each resolution a "delta" variable that compares values on start against end of interval. this allows to compute trend data. when last value ist bigger than first, delta is positve. Variables provided with delta information are
    • temp
    • hum
    • dew
    • heatindex
    • humidex
    • chill
    • press
    • seapress
  • Adds RFXsensors and OWL power meter to Meteohubs RFXtrx capabilities.
  • Supports Silverstone DC01 as additional Meteohub platform. Installation is described here.

Update 4.9e

  • Adding Hungarian weather network idopek.
  • Adding dynamic DNS service "no-ip.com" beside "dyndns.org".
  • Fixed bug in PeetBros Ultimeter driver, which could cause termination of data logging.

Update 4.9d

  • Hot fix for the bug introduced with 4.9c which resulted in dropping TH sensors on "sensors" page when using certain weather station types.

Update 4.9c

  • Bug fix release that corrects error (introduced with 4.9b, signal #11) of data logging process.

Update 4.9b has a bug inside, please use 4.9c instead!

  • Fixes broken display of "rounds" to measure flash wear for SheevaPlug and NSLU2 platforms.
  • Fixes broken USB stick clone support for iConnect platform.

Update 4.9a

  • Fixes a bug on iConnect that can cause a hang of data logger resulting in socket error messages on sensors page.
  • Adds experimental support for new RFXCOM transceiver prototype
  • Fixes a bug on iConnect that results in swap space not setup and activated

Update 4.9

  • Adds some info on system page about wear status of used flash media. This status just reflects wear generated by Meteohub (starting with version 4.9) use, Wear that happened to the stick before use with Meteohub v4.9 or later is not taken into account. Approximated wear is given in rounds. One round is equivalent to writing every block of the flash media one time. SLC flash accompanied with a good wear leveling algortihm should stand a few thousand rounds. Cheap MLC usb sticks with inferior wear leveling are at risk to start failing after 100 rounds.
  • Supports USB stick clone function on iConnect. Simply insert a second stick during normal Meteohub operation and press front button until LED over inserted new USB stick starts flashing. Wait until flashing has finished and LED is turned off. Now the new stick can be removed. It is ready for operation now. You will also find some messages in "meteohub log".
  • Adds support for Lux/Solar and UV sensors of WH-3080 station to generic WH-1080 driver.
  • Fixes a bug that counts too many rain days and temperature ranges when timezone is not GMT.
  • Enhances rain day counting by ignoring a "rainfall" up to 1 mm per day. This clip level prevents a few drops of dew moisture to count a otherwise dry day as a day with rain. Changes apply to your logged data after a recompute.
  • Fixes a bug that does not stop upload of live data to Meteplug server although live data upload has been disabled.
  • Evaluation period has been extended until end of July 2012.

Update 4.8i

  • Makes Lufft WS600 implementation ANACON aware. Adding a "+" behind the device specification indicates that an ANACON device is added to the WS600 and Solar data could be requested from it. Using the "+" without an attached ANACON will block reading data from WS600 at all, as ANACON initialization will not succeed and will stall WS600 logging process.
  • fixed a bug in HW watchdog function of iConnect platform (watchdog did never fire before)
  • fixed an integer overrun bug when computing averages of air pressure data over a large time frame
  • adds LED support for iConnect platform. LED over USB port indicates if connected USB device has been correctly detected (LED shines on success, fades when device is disconnected or cannot be handled).
  • adds a short LED burst on iConnect platfom (right most LED over the front button) for every single sensor data being received and mapped to an ID.
  • adds support for Fjord Technology USB data logger

Update 4.8h

  • fixed bug in cc128 module, that formerly prevents from reading data from certain sensors
  • fixed a bug in computation of sealevel pressure when mode "use height and temperature" selected

Update 4.8g

  • added rxxx and pxxx fields to ARPS records (incl. CWOP)
  • added support for low cost USB sound level meter SL-814
  • added predicate "precision" for determining number of decimals of a resolved Meteohub variable in HTML template mode

Update 4.8f

  • added WH-1080 clones from Ambienweather to list of stations to select from
  • added an "imperial unit" flag to the left of language selector on "settings" page to have data reported on "sensors" page in °F, inHg, in/h, etc). This also changes station altitude specification on "weather station" page from m to ft.
  • only valid for iConnect users: update on iConnect system ID computation. This will require a one time reactivation of already activated iConnect Meteohub licenses after having done the update. License key you received via email is activated again, so you can generate a new activation code for the new system ID as you did when you started with the iConnect.

Update 4.8e

  • fixes a bug on weather network page, regarding position of rapid fire mode for weatherflow
  • fixes a bug that prevents from changing the http password on maintenance page

Update 4.8d

  • set evaluation period until end of January 2012
  • adds support for iomega iconnect platform, see upcoming offering on smartbedded for details
  • minor bug fixes

Update 4.8c

  • brings support for Lufft WS600 plus ANACON solar radiation sensor to production level. Station has to be configured to provide data on following channels:
    • class 7, id 1, channel 100: temperature in degrees celsius
    • class 7, id 1, channel 110: dew point in degrees celsius
    • class 7, id 1, channel 200: relative humidity in %
    • class 7, id 1, channel 300: pressure in hpa
    • class 7, id 1, channel 305: sealevel pressure in hpa
    • class 7, id 1, channel 460: average wind speed in m/s
    • class 7, id 1, channel 400: wind speed in m/s
    • class 7, id 1, channel 500: wind direction in degrees
    • class 7, id 1, channel 700: precipitation flag: 0 none, 60 rain, 70 snow
    • class 7, id 1, channel 600: rain total mm
    • class 7, id 1, channel 1053: rain rate mm/h
    • class 6, id 1, channel 900: solar radiation in wqm
  • When multiple WS600 are used a distinct "id" can be selected by adding "#" followed by id number to serial device specifier (example "/dev/ttyUSB0#3" selects station with "id 3")

Update 4.8b

  • fixed a temperature bug with Toradex OAK sensors
  • fixes a bug with neve flash players not showing embedded wdlive evaluation version
  • fixes a bug not displaying live data upload interval on Meteoplug admin interface correctly

Update 4.8a

  • fixed some data reception bugs for Peetbros Ultimeter stations
  • dashboard update that also supports language "Romana"
  • support for "direct connect kit" (https://www.smartbedded.com) for cabled Davis Vantage Pro2 sensor units
  • experimental support for Lufft WS600 UMB weather station
  • experimental support for feeding live data in intervals down to 10 seconds onto a centralized server. Please switch on this feature (to be found on settings page) to allow for server performance evaluation. Having mastered performance next development step will be live data charting in terms of meters, gauges, etc.

Update 4.8

  • fixed some dew point calculation issues on SheevaPlug platforms
  • changes in license conditions, "smartbedded UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" is new contractual partner

Update 4.7o

  • minor bug fixes

Update 4.7n

  • fixes a bug that variables with undefined sensors (like [day1_???_total_mm:-]) are not handled correctly. This had a negative effect on generating clientraw files in case of missing sensor definitions.
  • fixes a bug with peetbros stations. wind speed was about factor 1.46 too high (raw data assumed to be in mph but does come as kmh).
  • improved handlingof vantage data logger in failure situations

Update 4.7m

  • minor bug fixes

Update 4.7l

  • Fixes barometer bug when delivering pressure data to weather network MetOffice. Does now uwe station pressure instead of sealevel pressure.
  • Improves Vantage handling in case of USB hangs.
  • Fixes windspeed bug when sending data to "wetterring.at".
  • Major improvements on handling of adcon A850 data logger.
  • Finalizes code improvements for reading Vantage USB data loggers that are suffering from USB connection drops.

Update 4.7k

  • Some updates on vantage usb logger recovery procedure after usb connection getting dumb.
  • Realizes a code change that reports 0% humidity on WH-1080 TH sensors, when humidity goes below 10% which causes WH-1080 console to report invalid humidity data.
  • As a light weight alternative to "WD Live" I added the "Meteoware Live" App from Christian Warinsky. It takes the definitions on sensors given on the "WD Live" page of Meteohub. Please press "save" when done the with the config there. To make it working you also need to define an generation/upload schema on "Graph Uploads" page. You will find it there as "Meteoware-live" for SI units or "Meteoware-live US" for non-SI units as used in US and UK. The App makes use of the language defined for Meteohub. Predefined are German and English. You can add texts of other languages by providing translations in an appropriate language file. When you update your current language file on "maintenance" page, you will see new entries, wating for a translation. More details on how to embed Meteoware on your home page can be found at "live.meteoware.de".

Update 4.7j

  • Fixes a bug in Rainwise MK3 initialization, which causes stations not pre-configured into "automatically send data" mode (":A") to stay silent. Bug fix makes sure to configure the station in the right way at the beginning.
  • Fixes a bug in template replacement mechanism that occurs on empty square brackets "[]" (replaced to empty string) and on square brackets having non-alphanum characters and a colon inside, like "[^\d\:]" (replaced to empty string).
  • Adds a couple of system variabes (with example values attached, units and language are taken from dashboard settings):
    • actual_system_version_text 4.7j
    • actual_system_version_num 47
    • actual_system_build_num 5315
    • actual_system_platform_text fit-PC_Slim_(500_MHz)
    • actual_system_language_text German
    • actual_system_temp_unit f
    • actual_system_hum_unit rel
    • actual_system_press_unit hpa
    • actual_system_wind_unit ms
    • actual_system_rain_unit mm

Update 4.7i

  • Adds Vantage forecast texts in Italian (actual_thb?_fc_textit) and Dutch (actual_thb?_fc_textnl) to the list of variables. WD-Live feed will be supported with forecast texts based on language selection on "dashboard" page. Not supported languages will result in English texts.
  • Supports Toradex USB OAK Sensors for Temp/hum and Pressure. Only one sensor of each type can be used. Each sensor has to be defined as a weather station, sensors need to be prepared before installation so that they do send data at regular intervals (at least once a minute). Still experimental
  • Supports UK's MetOffice WOW network (still experimental)
  • Some enhancements on backup/restore function. Indicates if there is a backup file to restore from and displays backup date.
  • Supports cheap USB TEMPer devices as additional weather station type
  • Supports setting of Vantage logger's recording interval fom "weather station" page.

Update 4.7g/h

  • Expansion of demo period until end of October plus some minor changes
  • First version with support for DreamPlug

Update 4.7f

  • Fixes a bug for Meteonews upload on NSLU2-based Meteohubs.
  • Fixes a bug presenting leaf/soil data when reading vantage data logger in case no leaf/soil sensors connected.
  • Improves speedy syncing into vantage data protocol.

Update 4.7e

  • Adds support for weather network "wetterring.at".
  • Changes CWOP and APRS barometric reporting from sea level to altimeter.
  • Adds support for weather network "anythingweather.com".
  • Fixes a bug when graphing values of type data in mode "int".
  • Adds a feature to retrieve data of a user defined time frame from A850 weather station.
  • prints out Vantage forecast text with German special characters correctly annotated.

Update 4.7d

  • Reports max gust of last 10 minutes as gust speed to weather network "awekas".
  • Changes weather station software identifier for weather networks to "MHxy" (where xy=47 stands for version 4.7) schema. Same schema applies to Meteoplug, where idientifier is "MPxy".
  • Adds experimental support for plotting graphs based on evapotranspiration (when your Vantage reports this value).
  • Adds support for Vantage 3rd party "XBP Datalogger" from Fjord Technologies.
  • Fixes a rain fall computation bug when importing data from Meteobase. Adds support for Meteobase data with UV sensor data.

Update 4.7c

  • Adds support for ebox3300MX (updated x86 install image).
  • Fixes a WD export bug that was introduced during making output of meteolog.cgi compliant to XML standard.
  • Feature to import WSWIN and Meteobase data by calling a URL. "https://ip-of-your-meteohub/cgi-bin/import.cgi?file=meteobase_2010.csv&alt=520" imports file "meteobase_2010.csv" located in "/public/transfer" as raw data. Altitude "520" (in meters) is needed as second parameter for sealevel pressure correction. Meteohub replaces raw data files for all months by a monthly import raw file. Therefore, be warned that existing data matching a month to be imported will be overwritten. Imported data gets date/time correction to be stored in UTC based on timzone defined for Meteohub. WSWIN files can be imported the same way. Import files need to be plain, uncompressed ASCII.
  • Reactivates user "meteohub" for ssh login, as some users do depend on this. Meteohub has two users to login via ssh: root and meteohub. Please change passwords on linux level to restrict access to these, when you allow ssh access (port 22) to your Meteohub.
  • WDL prints out vantage forecast text in German, when Meteohub language setting is German.

Update 4.7b

  • Fixes a bug that prevents from using pc network share of meteohub.
  • Reverts meteolog.cgi output to bad tag closing syntax to keep compatibility with WD. Proper XML is returned when "quotes=1" is given as URL parameter.

Update 4.7a

  • switch to non-ssl connection when feeding weather network "meteonews" by a NSLU2 based Meteohub
  • fix ssh-tunnel failure when requesting help via "help.cgi"
  • fix XML syntax error in meteolog.cgi output

Update 4.7

  • Does not introduce new features, but puts all the 4.6x changes into a new major release
  • Demo period extended until end of May 2011
  • 4.7 disk images for fresh installs will be available shortly

Update 4.6v

  • fixes a bug when setting serial connection attributes on SheevaPlugs (bug can result in no data reading from serial connected weather stations like WMR-928).
  • adds dutch wind direction abreviations (like actual_wind0_dir_nl) to various outputs.
  • adds wind speed measures in "Bft" to variables

Update 4.6u

  • meteolog.cgi now reports in proper XML syntax (optional quoted parameters, correct closing brackets). External programs adapted to the old style might need some rework. Quoting of parameters needs new URL parameter "quotes=1" to be effective. Example: old style converts to
  • fixes a bug where message "Demo license timed out" appears in "Meteohub log" and data logging failed although a valid activation code is stored.

Update 4.6t

  • improvement on Vantage logger process, fixes situations where data logger gets stalled.
  • new variable "actual_thb*_fc_vpicon" which reflects field 89 of Vantage LOOP packet
  • support for new weather network "meteonews" is now up and running
  • supports daisy-chained Meteohubs with a Vantage connected to the first Meteohub in the queue (was broken since 4.6r)
  • removes option for updates by selection a file to be uploaded from the browsing pc (update web) as this does not work properly for larger packages.

Update 4.6s

  • support for "meteonews" weather network (not yet operational)
  • compensation of bad time data in vantage logger when reading internal vantage logger data
  • better handling of sensors not received from vantage (wind, rain)
  • support for reading internal vantage logger data when using a meteoplug client
  • protection of activation code against unwanted deletion
  • adds a new addressing schema for USB serial converters that reflects the physical connector the converter is connected to. This allows to use multiple usb-serial connections and to have these devices named in a proper way. Device identifier is "/dev/ttyMHxy", where x indicates the usb bus number and y the usb device number on the bus. In case of an additional USB hub the schema is "/dev/ttyMHxyz", where x is usb bus, y is bus of usb hub and z is usb device number. Old "/dev/ttyUSB*" schema is also kept in place. You can choose which one to use.

Update 4.6r

  • more corrections to wd-live forecast codes
  • support for German vantage forecast texts by variable "actual_thb*_fc_textde"
  • support for weather station server ADCON A850
  • adds rain data to APRS and CWOP messages
  • fixes false "leaf-4" reading on vantage stations
  • supports read-out of internal logger of Vantage in case of missing data in Meteohub

Update 4.6q

  • Demo period now lasts until 31st of January 2011.
  • prints out a "no data" image when trying to do display a graph with no data in.
  • fixes a bug that displays graph for actual and next year when called to display actual year.
  • supports nightly icons in WD-Live (experimental)

Update 4.6p

  • low level driver for wsxxx improved.
  • Wd-Live day/night flag supported. Switching from day to night and vice-versa is aligned to local civil-twilight calculation. Data also avail as template variable "actual_daynight_flag_local" giving result "D" or "N".
  • Adds predefined conversion module "sensadd", which acts like "sensdiff", but adds the two sensor values instead of subtracting these.
  • Adds predefined conversion function "select" which can pipe data of two trigger sensors to an gawk script for further computation. Manual explains how to do that.
  • Fixes WLAN support for SheevaPlugs. Supported types are: adm8211, at76c50x, ath, b43, b43legacy, ipw2x00, iwlwifi, iwmc3200wifi, libertas, libertas_tf, mwl8k, p54, rndis_wlan, rt2x00, rtl818x, wll2xx, zd1211rw
  • Fixes a bug in generating WD-Live "clientrawhour.txt" files
  • Adds support for ELV USB-WDE1 weather station receiver (still experimental)

Update 4.6o

  • Fixes a bug that prevents from sending emails on alarm conditions
  • Adds support for pure leaf wetness sensors on Vantage
  • Adds support for virtual fail-over sensors and virtual sensors that computes difference of other sensors' values. Format to hand-over parameter to gawk scripts has changed slightly since 4.6n. Meteohub manual explains how to make use of failover and difference sensors in section 2.5 and appendix P.

Update 4.6n

  • Restarts http server on SheevaPlug if this has terminated by accident.
  • Cleanup of old kernel modules when using most recent SheevaPlug image based on 2.6.32 kernel. This frees the root partition from void data and brings usage from 90% to 85%.
  • Introduction of virtual sensors (something that has been requested for ages, to support home-brew solar sensors made of modified thermo sensors). Conversion of sensor values is done by external program or by gawk scripting, which allows for specification of conversion rules via the web interface. Up to 10 virtual sensors can be defined. Virtual sensors can be used for graphing, weather networks, data exports, wd-live, dashboard and can be used for HTML template replacement. They even show up on sensors page with their actual data. This feature is quite heavily integrated into multiple Meteohub components, so I guess it will need some hardening time until it is 100% bug free and it might have unwanted side effects.
  • Manual has been updated to version 4.7 to cover virtual sensors and other modifications.

Update 4.6m

  • fixes a bug on some SheevaPlugs that time zone cannot be set
  • Some minor bug fixes with the map and adds "Logger SW" field to the map, which indicates used Meteohub SW.
  • includes timezone of non-registered Meteohub's into data upload when using Meteoplug. This allows to use correct time zone when displaying Metohub data on Meteoplug maps. Registered Meteoplug users control timezone of Meteoplug via Meteoplug web interface.
  • fixes problem with handling underscores in wd-live station name.

Update 4.6l

  • Reports sensor IDs used on "weather networks" page as default sensors for outdoor temp, pressure, wind, rain, solar and uv as default sensors to be used with Meteoplug, when a Meteoplug makes use of a default sensor id like "th*", "thb*", "wind*", etc. Using the default sensors in Meteoplug chart definitions will make use of your default sensors, regardless, if there ID number is zero or anything else.
  • Meteoplug map does now make use of default sensors, to get data from stations where default sensors are not mapped to sensor id number zero.
  • Fixes a time zone bug when specifying calibration options.

Update 4.6k

  • Adds an optional map feature to show station and weather data on a map. Needs upload to Meteoplug. When you upload weather data to Meteoplug an have a map name defined you will find your station as a blue marker (registered Meteoplug users as a red Marker) on this map. Registered Meteoplug user can also adapt the map to their individual demands by newly introduced Meteoplug map creation features. I started populating the map with my station in "Lentföhrden" first. You are welcome to join.
  • Vantage users: Meteohub reports "Forecast Icons" (pos 89 in LOOP packet) to WD-Live on pos 48 in "clientraw.txt" file.
  • Fixes the underscore station name issue with WD-Live export.

Update 4.6j

  • adds weather network "regiowetter-bw"
  • adds min/max values for transport of data to weather network wedaal
  • heals situation that wd- and wswin export files might start with some not populated values when there is no fresh weather data there during first minutes of the selection period. By starting the data computation 10 minutes before the requested time frame, all values should be filled with "historical" data and first exported records have that data, even when no fresh data is present.
  • sets max temperature to handle up to 200°C to allow for some home automation monitoring purposes
  • gets more sensible to ignore bad data records from ws300 - ws888 type of stations

Update 4.6i

Update 4.6h

Update 4.6g

Update 4.6f

Update 4.6e

Update 4.6d

Update 4.6c

Update 4.6b

Update 4.6a

Update 4.6

Update 4.5

Update 4.4

Update 4.3

Update 4.2

Update 4.1

Update 3.3c