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You can download all the software components needed to build a Meteohub system from the download section of this web site. There is no offline distribution of Meteohub, you have to download the components (firmware and/or application).

As the firmware and operating system is a GPL product (SlugOS or Debian) you can use it free of charge as long as you do comply to GPL rules. Details about Meteohub and Open Source obligation can be found in the license section of this web site.

The Meteohub application is not published under GPL. smartbedded UG (haftungsbeschränkt) allows you to make use of the Meteohub application free of charge until a given evaluation period ends. Unlicensed copies of Meteohub are limited to have uploads to weather networks only every 6 hours, cannot store more than one graph, don't allow to store more than 3 months of weather data and will stop operation about 4 months after install or when evaluation period limit of actual version has passed. Actual evaluation period ends at 31.12.2023.

If you would like to use Meteohub in proper operation, you have to purchase a license from smartbedded GmbH. The license gives you the right to use Meteohub and future updates on one piece of hardware. If you want to equip multiple systems with Meteohub, you need multiple licenses. Please contact smartbedded GmbH for details about multiple licenses.

License costs 59 Euro. License is applicable for Meteohub on hardware platforms listed below. Once license is used for activation of your hardware, activation can be migrated to new hardware by this link. To do that, system ID and activation code of current system is needed. Meteohub can be licensed to these platforms:

  • Raspberry PI
  • SheevaPlug
  • ALIX
  • VMware, generic X86 installations

Licenses for NSLU2 and iConnect are no longer offered. Both platforms are out of life for a long time now. When you have a licensed Meteohub running on NSLU2 or iConnect you can still get updates as of now. When you want to move to another, more recent platform, you can do that with the link given above.

All payment is done by this link: If your Meteohub does still provide a direct PayPal link, please be informed that this will not work anymore, as we switched over to mycommerce for handling the transaction. During the purchase process a license key will be presented to you. This license key is also part of the confirmation email you get after the transaction has been done. In order to activate your Meteohub you need to enter this license key together with the system ID of your Meteohub at this link: Please enter the resulting activation code on the corresponding field of your Meteohub on tab "Maintenance", press "save" and you are done..