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This documentation is available for download.

Meteohub Manual

This explains general functions of Meteohub, how to setup a Meteohub system and how to configure the system. In addition to that interface formats are described.

Manual (PDF, English)

Manual (PDF, German)

Setup Guide

This slide deck helps to do the first configuration steps, when a Meteohub system is up and running for the first time.

Setup Guide (PDF, English)

HTTP Data Logger Protocol

Meteohub can provide logged raw data by HTTP requests. This manual explains how to request raw data from Meteohub logger and what the output format looks like.

HTTP Data Logger Protocol Version 1.5 (PDF, English)

Installation of Meteohub on a SheevaPlug

These documents explain how to install Meteohub on a SheevaPlug.

Most easy and recommended way: Installation Instructions (PDF, English)

Alternative way: Installation Instructions (PDF, English)

Installation of Meteohub on a DreamPlug

This document explains how to install Meteohub on a DreamPlug.

Installation Instructions (PDF, English)

NSLU2-Tuning: Auto Power-On

This document explains how to modify NSLU2 hardware to allow for an auto start after power failure.

Modification Instructions (PDF, English)