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These pages are intended to give you an impression what Meteohub delivers as output. One of it's features is the display of actual weather data by means of a flash applet as can be seen below. In this example Meteohub uploads weather data as an XML file every 5 minutes to this web server. The "dashboard" flash applet on this server takes the uploaded data for generation of the screen you can see below.

The other main feature of Meteohub is the generation of user defined weather graphs. You can see a lot of these, all generated by Meteohub and automatically uploaded to this server, by selecting from the menu items on the left.

All weather data you see here is from a weather station in northern Germany (Lentföhrden). Sensors are from Oregon, data is read from the sensors with the help of a RFXCOM 70003 USB receiver and this is connected to a Meteohub that feeds these pages.